A selection of scenes of people and groups___ return

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Angers St Peter put into prison
Angers St John revives Druisabe
Auxerre Joseph and Potiphar's wife
Beauvais, St Etienne King Solomon
Beauvais A group of donors
Bourges St Thomas gives away money
Bourges Philetus cured
Bourges A group listening to the Baptist
Bourges St Mary the Egyptian
Bourges Prodigal Son with his father
Bourges Prodigal Son with his father
Bourges The good life
Bourges Lazarus at the rich man's door
Bourges A Magi at the Nativity
Chartres A group of donors
Chartres St Pantaleon heals
Chartres A money loan is made
Chartres The son of King Clotaire
Chartres Two ruffians
Chartres A possessed man to be healed
Chartres Feeding the poor
Chartres St Anthony, his sister & 2 nuns
Chartres St Anthony with a hermit
Chartres At the funeral of St Apollonius
Chartres Two ruffians
Chartres Maximin preaching
Clermont Ferrand Theophilus with a magician