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Auxerre Noah's Ark
Auxerre Abraham & Isaac
Auxerre Jonah & the Whale
Bourges God Creates the heavens
Bourges Creation of Eve
Bourges Dominion over the Earth
Bourges Adam,Eve & Serpent
Bourges Abraham & Isaac
Bourges Moses beaks the tablets
Bourges Joseph put in a well
Bourges Joseph's Dream
Bourges Jonah & the Whale
Bourges Elisha & the Widow
Bourges Elisha & the Widow
Canterbury Noah's Ark
Canterbury Joseph becomes Pharaoh
Canterbury Joseph
Canterbury Jonah & the Whale
Canterbury Jonah & the Whale  
Canterbury Samson & Delilah  
Canterbury Elijah ascends to heaven  
Canterbury Lot's wife looks back  
Canterbury Methuselah  
Canterbury Enoch  
Canterbury Josiah  
Canterbury Balaam on his Ass  
Chartres Moses and the Burning Bush  
Chartres Moses