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Source: Ely Stained Glass museum Guide, 2003

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(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008

The Ely Stained Glass Museum, Ely Cathedral

Some fine examples of stained glass of all ages - only the medieval panels are shown here




Grisaille unknown (english?) C13
St Vincent being tortured Burgundy? C13
St Vincent attended by angels Burgundy? C13
A saint Soissons C13
St Catherine Wood Walton C14
St Lawrence Wood Walton C14
The Annunciation Hadzor C14
Two donors Suffolk C14
St Bartholomew Winchester Cathedral C15
St Bartholomew (detail) Winchester Cathedral C15
Bird quarry unknown (English?) C15
Reynard, the Fox English C15
A hind English  C15 
The Harvest: September English  C15 
Killing the pig English  C15 
A hog (boar?) English  C15 
The Head of a Queen English  C15 
A Musician angel English  C15 
The Visitation English  C14/19