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The Ascension






28 (modern) a miracle

 A tower

25 Etna erupts

26 A is buried

A's shrine at Catania

24 A dies in prison

23 A's tomb with pilgrims

22 Q on horseback

19 Earthquake causes prison to collapse

20 with Q again

21 A stripped & imprisoned

18 thunder is heard

17 A tortured again

16 A ordered to prison

13 (modern) A urged to escape

14 A stays in prison

15 A before Quintien yet again

12 St Peter heals A

11 A is miraculously healed

10 prisoners escape

7 A back in prison again

8 A is mutilated

9 A healed by an old man

6 A before Quintien again

5 A is sent to Aphrodisias

4 A is imprisoned

1 (modern)

2 Agatha with Quintien

3 In her chateau

Clermont Ferrand, Cathedral

South choir window w.18


The St Agatha window