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23 (modern) death of St Bonnet

24 (modern) B's soul ascends

21 (modern) B calms the storm

22 B combatting heresies

19 (modern) B at Rome

20 (modern) B returns home

17 (modern) the Virgin leaves

18 B arrives at L'Isle Barbe

15 angels lead B to the Virgin

16 B receives the chasuble

13 angels look for him

14 (modern) the waters flow again

11 (modern) angels attend

12 Bonnet hides

9 Vigil of The Assumption 

10 (modern) The Virgin appears

7 (modern) celebrates Mass 

8 (modern) angels attend his vigil

5 becomes bishop of Clermont  

6 (modern) heals the sick

3 B goes to Sigebert 

4 Appointed guardian of the seals

1 Bonnet goes to school

(modern) leaves his mother

Clermont Ferrand, Cathedral

Chapelle of St Anne

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The Life of St Bonnet. This is repeated (see the three window in s1) but is an abbreviated version.

(indicates panela are modern)