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(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008

Chartres Cathedral

w.41 (Delaporte 61)

The Story of Joseph


30. Christ blessing


8. Jacob and sons go to Egypt


29. The meeting of Jacob and Joseph

25 & 26 The sons return from Egypt

27. Jacob goes out to meet them

22. Joseph welcomes them

 23. The brothers eat with Jospeh

24. Joseph's cup found in Benjamin's sack

20. Jacob sends his son to buy corn


21. The sons on their way to Egypt

17. Interprets the Pharoah's dream

18. The Egyptians sow corn

19. They store the corn

14. Pharaoh dreams of the fat and the lean years

15. The Pharaoh asleep

16. Joseph interprets the butler's & baker's dreams

12. Potiphar has him arrested


13. Joseph thrown in prison

9. In Egypt he is sold to Potiphar

10. Potiphar's wife tempts him

11. She accuses him

7. Joseph is sold

6. Joseph is cast into a pit

8. His coat is taken to Jacob

4. Jacob sends him to his brothers


5. His brothers conspire against him

1. Donors: the money-changers

3. Joseph dreams

2. Donors: the monechangers