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(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008

Chartres Cathedral

w35. The Prodigal Son window

A beautiful window with magnificent design and full of incident and fascinating details

28. angel

30. Christ in Majesty

29. angel

25. A musician

26. The feast with both sons

27. butlers serve the meal

22. Father kills the fatted calf

23. Preparing the meal

24. The older sons protests

19. He returns home

20. With his father again

21. A sevant brings clothes

16. Barefoot he asks for work

17. Looks after the sheep...

18. ... and pigs. He thinks things over

13. He is mugged

14. A courtesan throws him out

15. A courtesan threatens him

10. Two people visit him in bed

11. Two women fete him

12. Plays dice (on a checkers board)

7-9, The.. meal ... with the courtesans

4. He leaves with horse and servant

5. His dis- approving servant leaves him

6. Two courtesans by a grand house eye him

1.The son claims his inheritance

2. The father gives him a vase with gold

3. The older son in the fields

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see also the design of panel 26