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Chartres Cathedral

w. 28b (Delaport 16)


The Story of the Virgin

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25. Christ gives his blessing


22.Flight into Egypt

23. Massacre of the Innocents

24. Herod orders the Massacre

19. Herod

20. The Magi and the Star

21. A Magi pays homage

16. The Nativity

17. Annuciation to Shepherds

18. The Presentation

13. The Betrothal with Joseph

14. The Annunciation

15. The Visitation

10. Taken to school

11. At school

12. The flowering of Joseph's stem

7.Joachim & Ann wait

8.The Birth of the Virgin

9. The Virgin's bath

4. Joachim visited by angel

5. They meet at the Golden Gate

6. Ann visited by angel

1. Vinegrowers

3. Joachim & Ann spurned by High Priest

2. Count Thibault