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(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008

Chartres Cathedral

w. 23 (Delaport 46)

The Life of St Thomas

27. Angels


28. Angels

 24. witnesses

26. The sick sleep at the tomb

 25. witnesses

23. St Thomas entombed

 21. A demon breaks the statue. T prays


 22. The priest of the sun beats T

 18. T delivered to torturers

 20. A sacrifice made to the sun

 19. T pushed into a furnace

 17. Thomas preaching

14. The death of Gad


16. Gad defends Thomas

11. T distributes bread to the poor

15. An angel shows a palace to Gad

13. T delivered to a jailer

12. T organises the building of a church

8. T presented to the king


10. The king goes falconing

5. They arrive in India

9. The king shows T gold

7. The butler devoured by beasts

6 Marriage of the king's daughter

3. T recommended as architect to India

2. Christ commissions Thomas

4. Embarks for India with Abbanes


1 St Thomas with Christ