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(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008

Chartres Cathedral

w. 12 (Delaport 28)


St Remi

21. Remi dies

22. His soul ascends

19. Remi and Clovis in conversation

20. Remi shows Clovis a man above an altar in flames

17. Remi baptises Clovis - a dove brings the oil

18. Remi blesses Clovis

15. Queen Clothilde prays

16. Remi prays

13. Remi has a meal with a parent

14. Remi miraculously produces wine

11. Remi preaches before Clothilde & Clovis

12. Remi and friend prevent the burning of Reims

9. On horseback, escorted

10. Remi blesses a woman

7. Remi heals a blind possessed man

8. Remi with Queen Clothilde

5. A bishop looks for Remi

6. Remi consecrated bishop of Reims

3. Attempt to kill St Remi

4. St Remi escapes - as a building collapses

2. Remi as a child - heals a man with his mothers milk

1. A man before a statue of the Virgin