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(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008

Chartres Cathedral

(Delaport 35)

Date: C13

The lives of St Simon & St Jude

21. Angels

22. Angels

19. The sun

20. The moon

17. Tormented by flames and a serpent

18. They beg mercy for those being tormented

15. Two saints with a deacon

16. Exoneration of the deacon

 13. Watching the arrival

14. The Indian ambassador arrives

11. Soothsayers reporting vs the saints?

12.The saints being imprisoned

9. An idol speaks

10. The saints speak to Warardac

7. The saints before Warardac. 8. They pray

5. Sacrifices being offerred to 6. idols to obtain information

3. St Simon & St Jude with 4. two magicians in Persia

1. Henry Noblet, donor before the Virgin & Child

2. Henry Noblet before Christ