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St Catherine 

St Agnes

2 angels with censers


2 angels with censers


Catherine's body and soul carried to Mount Sinai

St Agnes's martyrdom

Catherine in prison prays, converts the Empress and Porphyrius (R), and is decapitated (L)

St Agnes survives the flames - others are consumed

The saint prays for the philosophers who are amid

the flames 

St Agnes heals the son in the brothel

The debate with the philosophers

The miracle of the hair - that covers the saint (L). Agnes before Procopius and his son (R)

St Catherine disputes with the emperor?

St Agnes refuses jewels from Procopius' son

Chartres, St Père


c.1305-15 and modern

Scenes from the life of St Catherine and St Agnes

(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008