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St Clement's soul carried aloft

St Clement drowned in the Black Sea with an anchor round his neck 

Miracle of the water springing from the rock? (left panel modern)

Exile of St Clement to Crimea - he preaches from a boat

St Clement makes Sisinus and his servants blind

St Clement sends St Denis with Rusticus and Eleutherius to Gaul


Angels carrying a soul

St Denis an angel and two headless saints

The mad dogs spare St Denis: he is thrown into a furnace

St Denis and his companions beaten

St Denis attacked while at Paris

 St Denis preaching


Chartres, St Père


c.1305-15 The panels are not in good condition; there are some modern panels by Lorin (1954)

Scenes from the lives of St Denis (R) and St Clement (L)

(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008