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Various figures: a healing?

Christ with orb and book: angels receive the souls of the saints

St Peter delivered from prison by an angel

A prophet (c.1400); crucifixion of St Peter & execution of Paul (late C13)

St Peter preaching? (early C14)

 St Peter asks Christ "whither goest thou?"

A city; Nero?;

St Peter healing

Simon Magus trying to fly (early C14)

St Peter healing by the Beautiful Gate?

Simon Magus's false execution - he turns into a ram (early C14)

St Peter & Paul; the calling of St Peter (early C14); prophet (c.1400)

The saints before Nero? (early C14);

St Peter & Paul; donor Jean de Mantes (C13 & C14)

St Peter & St Paul; two prophets (late C13?)

Chartres, St Père


Mostly comprising panels in connection with the lives of St Peter and St Paul; from two series(?), one of c.1280 the other after c.1305. The panels have recently been re-ordered.

(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008