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 2. A man leaves for Jerusalem


7. God Creates sun, moon, plants...

 8. God creates the angels

 10. Woman is created


9. Man is fashioned from clay


3. He is attacked by robbers ...


 11. The Tree of Knowledge

13. The serpent tempts

14. God finds Adam & Eve with fig leaves


 12. Dominion over plants & animals

 15. Expulsion from Paradise

 4. ... and deprived of his clothing

 16. The angel closes the gates

 17. Moses and the burning bush


20. Moses breaks the tablets of the law

 18. Moses gathers the Hebrews' jewels

5. A priest and Levy pass by....

19. Worshipping the golden calf


6. A Samaritan puts him on his horse


 21. The flagellation of Christ

22. Crucifixion


 1.Donors: The Weavers


Bourges Cathedral

w. 13

Date: c. 1210-15

The Good Samaritan panels are down the center with the Creation and Adam and Eve panels on either side: they are followed by the Moses panels. The two Passion panels frame the Samaritan rescuing the fallen man.

(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008