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Auxerre, Cathedral - w. 22

 16. The death of St Mary Magdalene; St Maximin presides

13. Mary M preaching at Marseilles

14. St Maximin baptisises the family

15. Mary M's rapture

10. The Count in Rome with St Peter

11. He returns to the island ....

12. ... and finds Mary M has revived his wife and child

7. Mary M with a deacon and one other

8. The Count & family encounter a storm on pilgrimage; they are wrecked

9. On an island he finds his wife's body and that of their child

4. Mary M and St Lazarus preach in Provence

5. Mary M appears to the Count & Countess of Provence in their sleep

6. Mary M and brother enter a palace

1. (scene from a window no longer extant)

2. From the legend of St Vincent (in w.24)

3. Carrying a body

Background and design

The Mary Magdalene window; completed with 3 other panels (nos 1 - 3)

(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008