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Auxerre, Cathedral


19. Joseph on a carriage


18. Four men - (Joseph's brothers?)

17. He interprets the Pharaoh's dream

16. Joseph taken out of prison

15. The butler serves again

14. The Pharaoh's dream

13. The butler comes out of prison

12. Joseph denounced by...

11. ... Potiphar's wife (here with Joseph)

10. Joseph in prison interprets the butler's and baker's dreams

9. The Pharaoh condemns the baker

8. The head butler is imprisoned

7. Potiphar gives him the keys

4 - 6. Joseph sold and led into Egypt

3. The brothers take the coat to Jacob

2. Joseph's brothers throw him in the well

1. Joseph looses his coat

w. 17

The Story of Joseph

[ n.b. The window reads from right to left (except panels 10-12), but usually from bottom to top! ]

(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008