Now (Sept 2022) over 60,000 photographs !

Medieval and Renaissance stained glass listed by place, subject and gazetteer

AND the Bible in stained glass...

AND over 17,000 photographs of sculpture at Chartres, Reims, Rouen, Amiens and other ecclesiastical material

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"This is an extraordinarily useful online resource which will be an invaluable teaching aide and a superb visual reference library for anyone and everyone interested in medieval art" _ Prof. Tim Ayres, York University; Vice President, The International Corpus Vitrearum.

"This is an incredibly beautiful and useful site for anyone interested in medieval stained glass, from experts to enthusiasts like me. Thank you for making it possible, it is truly wonderful" _ David Ball, Vice President, The Worshipful Company of Glaziers

"I have just stumbled upon your website of Medieval Stained Glass - It is really wonderful. My wife (an Art Historian) and I have been traveling to France for 25 years and have visited and photographed many of the places on your list. We will use your detailed descriptions to guide us to more places. The pictures are outstanding. Usually stained glass photography leaves a lot to be desired." _ Stan Parry